Because Isolation Is The Enemy Of Health

Since isolation is the enemy of health, being in community is part of the solution. Find your community here. Experience the joy of improved health when you join others in activity and encouragement and feel a sense of belonging. Sign up for a free membership to begin your journing of finding your community where you can thrive. 

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Are You Tired of Failing?

For me, my health struggle is with my weight. I am tired of trying again and again to get healthy, only to fail. I lose weight, only to gain it back again, and then some. Ironically, even though I always try to do this on my own, I know that I am not alone in my failures. Most people who try to lose weight fail to do so and to keep it off. 

The challenges are many, from choosing a diet or exercise routine that works, to finding the time and energy to implement and stick with a plan of action, to having the support of others when the going gets tough. The struggle is real and at times it feels hopeless. 

You No Longer Have To Fail

You no longer have to go it alone! We fail in isolation but we can succeed in community. Join CommuniThrive where you can find a community of people that share your interests and desire to be healthy. Communities exist to pursue shared activities, passions, and hobbies. Make friends with people who have common goals. Be part of a community that supports and encourages one another in a healthy environment. 

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The Struggle Is Real, But It Can Be Overcome

As someone who has been obese most of my adult life, I know that the struggle is real. I've tried countless times to lose weight and keep it off but I've always failed. In the past I've lost 30, 50, and even 80 pounds, only to then gain most of the weight back again. 

My "aha" insight about community came when I realized that I've always tried to do this on my own and the more I read about being healthy the more I understand how important community is to achieving and maintaining health. That is why I am excited to provide an opportunity for communities to be created so that people can pursue better health with other people, rather than in isolation. 

I will be sharing my story on this website as an encouragement and testimonial of how community can bring about success in getting healthy. Please join me in creating and joining communities where you can support others and be supported in your pursuit of better health. 

To your health!


3 Steps To Your Success

Your path to success is simple:

1) Become a member of CommuniThrive

2) Find--or start--a community that matches your interests

3) Be an active, supportive, and encouraging member of the community you join!

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